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Latrak Conveyors are Designed and Manufactured in Canada Canadian Flag.

TrolleyWith a minimum effort, the unique Trolley units, will flow through the system with ease. The trolleys have nylon wheels with heavy duty ball bearings for smooth operation. A maximum capacity of 100 lbs per unit these trolleys are built to provide long-term and constant heavy use.

FLANGEThe track joints are connected using 3 bolt Flanges. This style of joint will ensure solid, straight and smooth joints between the switches and lengths of track. Additionally this style of flange eases and reduces the time involved for the installation of the systems.

SwitchThe static Switches allow the trolleys to be easily pushed from one track to another without having to manually change the switch. The carefully designed tounge provides definite track selection and the large radius curves provides a smooth transition to new directions of travel.

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