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Dairy Applications

Inside of Dairy Barn with Latrak Conveyor for Milking Units

The Latrak Overhead Trolley system was specifically developed for the dairy industry as a light weight system to convey the ATO milking units from cow to cow in tie-stall barns.

Track and hanger hardware of Latrak Conveyor systems are galvanized steel for long term durability and designed to be simple to assemble and install.

Without all the lifting the milking is so much easier with Latrak Conveyor Systems.

Latrak Conveyors has developed custom carriers for all common ATO milking unit brands. Fabricated from stainless steel by craftsmen dedicated to quality workmanship, these durable and smooth operating conveyor attachments are able to withstand the rigours of everyday use for decades to come.

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  • Rumph's Farm, 70 cows, Ontario
  • Loo's Farm, 80 cows, Ontario
  • Jutras' Farm, 40 cows, Quebec

details coming soon